Delivery & Payment

Product Change

Our customer's satisfaction and expectations are important to us. Therefore, your order and each product is inspected and checked with care before being forwarded by us. Because of this procedure most of our customers remain satisfied from the products / goods they received.

However there may still be a defect on the goods you received in that case we eliminate the problem by offering the best solutions which will be to the advantage of our client(s).

If the textile goods you received are sewn wrong or there is a color difference that it should not be on the original fabric or if there are lines or if you see any tears on the model that is not supposed to be there Please take a picture of the product clearly showing the defect and mail it to the mailing address within 7 days or please contact us through our telephone numbers.

We will contact you to solve your problems as soon as possible.

Package of your change consignment should not be damaged, used, damaged as result of being used and should be fully intact and still having salability characteristics. We will immediately start your free of charge exchange procedure and inform you upon receiving and after the course of approval are completed.