Delivery & Payment

Shipping And Delivery

We carry the forwarding procedure out with carriers that we are working with to ship goods to more than 100 countries worldwide. If you have a carrier that you work with we can deliver your products / goods, after your goods are checked and packed by our company, to the carrier that you work with and have them forward them to you. If you desire, the collection / payment can also be done through the account you have opened onto your own name from the carrier that you work with. But if you do not have carrier/forwarding firm that you work with then we chose from among the forwarding companies / firms that we work with, the ones that have the most suitable prices and contact you. Afterwards, if you approve, forwarding cost of your order’s total will be added after being calculated according to weight and dimensions of your goods amount. In order to pay the total amount of your order you can go ahead and carry out a payment transaction with any option that is suitable to you and the information located at the Payment section. Forwarding period under regular conditions changes between 2-20 days.

Main carriers we work with are as follow;

Note: If you are working with a different carrier / forwarder please contact us.