20 $

Womens elasticated waist wide-leg pocket detailed sweatpants - Black

Женские спортивные штаны с широким карманом на эластичной талии - Черный


20 $

Color: Black

Sizes: M, S, XS


Sports Wear - Sport Pants


Fabric Name:


Fabric Content:



The nobility and unique style of black meet our sweatpants with womens elasticated waist and wide-leg pocket details. This product offers maximum comfort and elegance both in daily life and while doing sports.

Its elasticated waist design provides a perfect fit while also comfortably hugging and supporting your waist. It offers freedom of movement without feeling like a tight fit, allowing you to have a comfortable experience all day long.

You can experience the highest level of comfort thanks to the wide leg cut. The lower part of the legs is designed wide and spacious, which allows you to move freely without restricting your movements. You will feel comfortable in every step of your daily routines, both while doing sports and in your daily routines.

Pocket details make your sweatpants practical. Deep pockets on the sides allow you to safely carry your important belongings. You can easily store your keys, phone, or other small items and access them immediately when you need them.

Black is always a stylish and elegant option. With these sweatpants, you can complement your style and add a touch of sophistication to your daily outfits. It easily blends with different tops and pairs perfectly with your sneakers or sneakers.

It offers long-lasting use thanks to its quality fabric. Its soft texture provides a comfortable feel and meets your expectations with its durability. Your sweatpants wont fade in color and deform, so they look the same as the first day with every use.

Black sweatpants with elasticated waist and wide-leg pocket details will be indispensable for those looking for comfort. If you want to have a comfortable experience while reflecting your style both while doing sports and in your daily activities, buy now and move freely.

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